Changwon, 2030 Smart Climate & Environment City, to prepare for the next 10 years

  • Changwon, a smart climate and environment City,, has the three goals of ‘a city to respond to the climate crisis and to lead the Green New Deal, a digital-based smart environment management city, and a sustainable city with citizens.’
  • In order to realize the goals, the seven strategies are as follows.
    • 1. Ensure clean air quality at safe levels
    • 2. Create a safe and clean water city
    • 3. Create an ecological environment for the coexistence of people and nature
    • 4. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and respond to the climate crisis
    • 5. Create a clean and pleasant city of resource circulation
    • 6. Develop a high-tech smart system to monitor environment
    • 7. Empower citizens to create a sustainable city
  • In the era of climate crisis, sustainable urban development is possible only with the participation and cooperation of citizens. “2030 Smart Climate & Environment City, Changwon” will be realized with the participation of citizens.

Changwon, a business-friendly city with a natural environment and the best industrial infrastructure

  • With its beautiful natural landscape, a large tourism and leisure complex, a Northeast Asian tourism hub, in Gusan, a world-class robot industry-related theme park that features marine tourism resources and high-tech robot industry, and marinas on the southern coast in Jinhae, which is near the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone, will bring the era of the southern coast.
  • A business friendly environment is provided by fostering region-specific strategic industries, such as the Changwon National Industrial Complex, the Masan Free Trade Zone, and the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone.
  • To help companies achieve their goal of reaching first-class status in their industries, Changwon is providing business spaces in the Jinbuk General Industrial Complex, the Urban High-tech Industrial Complex, the Changwon General Industrial Complex, and the Bangye Apartment Factory Complex. The Gyeongnam Scientific Research Complex, the Cheonseon General Industrial Complex, and the Seongju 4th Apartment Facoty Complex are under construction.
  • Changwon has the most convenient and accessible land transportation road network in Korea.

Changwon, a healthy city with 11 characteristics of a healthy city defined by the WHO

  • Changwon, a healthy city with 11 characteristics of a healthy city defined by the WHO
  • A clean and safe physical environment
  • A strong, mutually supportive and non-exploitative community
  • A high degree of public participation in and control by the public over the decisions affecting their lives and health
  • The meeting of basic needs such as food, water, housing, and safety for all citizens
  • Access to a wide variety of experiences with the possibility of multiple contacts and communication
  • A diverse, vital and innovative city economy
  • Encouragement of connectedness with the past, with the cultural and biological heritage, and with other groups and individuals
  • A city form that is compatible with and enhances the above parameters and behavior
  • An optimum level of appropriate public health and sick-care services accessible to all
  • High health status