Please adhere to garbage disposal and collection schedules.

  • Disposal time: 20:00 – 00:00 on the day before collection (Do not dispose garbage during the day).
  • Disposal locations
    • Apartment buildings: Designated places within the complex
    • Single housing: In front of one’s gate or designated collection sites

How to dispose household garbage

How to dispose household garbage
TypeHow to Dispose GarbageNotice
General waste Dispose after 20:00 by using the garbage volume-rate disposal bag Do not include recyclables or food waste.
Food waste Discharge it in a food waste bag and insert a payment receipt Drain liquid as much as possible, and do not include general waste.
Recyclables Discharge in a clear plastic bag Do not include general waste.
Large waste Report discharge via internet, Request via call with the waste pick up company, Report via visit at some of Eup(town),Myeon(township),Dong community center (Gusan-myeon(township), Jindong-myeon(township), Jinbuk-myeon(township), Jinjeon-myeon(township), Hyeon-dong, Gapo-dong) Discharge date and item name must be reported and service charges must be paid.
Incombustible waste Discharge in a standard waste sack Only include incombustible waste from the general waste