Impressive traffic (logistics) network

  • Expressway: Namhae Expressway, Jungbu Naeryuk Expressway, Gyeongbu/Jungang Expressways
    Seoul: 368 km, Busan: 43 km, Daejeon: 233 km
  • High-speed railway: Less than 3 hours to Seoul through 3 KTX stations
    50 min to Daegu, 1 hr 50 min to Daejeon, 2 hr 50 min to Seoul
  • Airport: 35 km to Gimhae International Airport (30 minutes away)
  • International flight – 22 airlines, 27 routes, 576 flights per week
  • Port: A new port that could operate upto 56 berths for exclusive use of containers is located Currently 22 berths are operated in 2020, Total 30 berths will be completed by 2025, Total 50 berths will be completed by 2030, Total 56 berths will be completed by 2040.

Located at Masan port

Impressive traffic (logistics) network

Industrial Infrastructures:

  • Changwon offers an ideal business environment for companies to cultivate region-specific strategic industries (special regional complexes)
  • Korea’s top industrial area located in the southeastern coast
  • Major industrial complexes, such as the Changwon Industrial Complex, the Free Trade Zone, and the Free Economic Zone
  • Large industrial belt based on knowledge-based, high-tech industries, such as machinery, heavy industry, shipbuilding, aviation, and robotics
  • Established R&D cluster in cooperation with companies, research institutes, and universities

Stable power supply and abundant industrial water

  • Supplies electricity at the lowest rates among OECD countries
  • Stable supply of clean and abundant water from nearby Nakdong River
  • Industrial water ▶ 550,000 m3/day, general purpose water ▶ 326,000 m3/day

Beautiful natural environment

  • A splendid natural environment (mild climate, clean air, and spectacular ria coastlines)
  • An optimal living environment where residential, commercial, industrial, and green belt areas are evenly distributed