Nubija is an unmanned public bicycle for rent. It is equipped with ubiquitous technology so that it can be easily used anytime and anywhere. "Nubija" is a term coined from "nubida: to go around" and "jajeongeo: bicycle" so one can "freely move around in Changwon City."
Changwon City, declaring itself as a bicycle city, adopted the use of nubija and has been operating a "public bicycle system" that allows citizens to rent and ride public bicycles easily, and, thus, it increases the base of users turning to green means of transportation.

Service Fee and Hours

Service Fee and Hours
Operating Hours 04:00 – 01:00
Target Market 13 years old and above (who can ride bicycles)
Registration Fee General People of National Merit One-day ticket: KRW1,000
  • Annual member (365 days): KRW30,000
  • Half-time member (180days): KRW18,000
  • Monthly member (30 days): KRW4,000
  • Weekly member(7 days): KRW2,000
  • Annual member (365 days): KRW15,000
  • Half-time member (180days): KRW9,000
  • Monthly member (30days): KRW2,000