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Changwon COVID-19 Citywide Information & Updates

We promise the best effort to prevent COVID-19 pandemic and its spread for the safety of Changwon citizens.

(As of )(Unit : Persons)

Guidance for Travelers from abroad

  • Incheon International Airport

  • Gwangmyeong Station

  • Masan Station

  • Place for Self-Quarantine

  • Korea Disease
    Control & Prevention
    Agency 1339
  • Changwon Public
    Health Center
  • Masan Public
    Health Center
  • Jinhae Public
    Health Center

Tracking Route of Confirmed Cases in Changwon

  • The places where the contacts (those who are in the tracking route of confirmed cases) are fully identified are not disclosed in accordance with the Information Release Guideline (Version 1. Oct. 7, 2020)including tracking route of confirmed cases in Central Disease Control Headquarters.
  • Specific personal information including gender, age, nationality, residential address (eup/myeon-dong and details) and workplace are not disclosed. Only route and means of tracking are disclosed.
  • The tracking route of a confirmed cases is diclosed from one or two days before the symptom manifestation. If no symptoms appear, the tracking route is disclosed from two days before the test for body specimen.
  • The viruses in the places where confirmed cases visit are extinct maximum one day after the confirmed cases stop by in accordance with the general features of viruses.
※ The tracking route of confirmed cases is immediately disinfected.

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Places Names Addresses Exposure Dates Disinfection
  • Among those who visit the above places during the same time, please contact the local public health center (Changwon 225-4281, Masan 225-5941, Jinhae 225-6121).
  • The path of the confirmed person is (1st) secured the patient's statement → (2nd) The traffic path is disclosed if there is a contact with an unspecified identity by checking the CCTV, the access register, etc. Please note that it may take some time depending on the situation (GPS, DUR, card usage history).